In December, Dr. David Todoroff pleaded guilty to eight counts of invasion of privacy for using his cellphone to secretly record co-workers in the bathroom. On Tuesday the Harrisburg podiatrist was sentenced by a Dauphin County judge to 64 to 192 months in state prison.

Doc hid cellphone in shoe

In 2015 a co-worker found a cellphone belonging to Todoroff inside the employee restroom at a Lower Paxton Township podiatric office, where it had been placed inside a shoe next to a sock and an empty wallet. After colleagues confronted Todoroff he admitted to having placed the device in the restroom.

Authorities confiscated Todoroff's cellphone and personal computer and found four videos of co-workers in various stages of undress. No patients were peeped on, however, as the restroom was an area restricted to employees of Keystone Podiatric.

In addition to the lengthy prison sentence, Todoroff was also ordered to pay a $4,000 fine and his prohibited from having any contact with the victims.

Colleagues shocked at Todoroff's actions

Todoroff's arrest in 2015 created a sensation around the Harrisburg area. Colleagues were shocked at the allegations made against the successful and highly regarded physician and were even more shocked when he admitted his guilt. Richard Rogers, a co-founder of the podiatric practice and a friend of Todoroff since high school, told in 2015 that he was "absolutely floored" by the incident.

"It's been pretty heart wrenching," said Rogers. "(He) was a business partner since I formed the group in 1995."

Rogers responded by immediately placing Todoroff on indefinite leave and attempting to assuage the fears and concerns of patients, explaining to reporters that the bathroom in question was not used by patients. The disgraced physician then reportedly sought treatment for his insatiable voyeurism.

Todoroff's decision to seek help for his addiction apparently didn't produce any sympathy from the Dauphin County court, however, as he will most likely spend several years in prison.