Over 1,200 mourners gathered together for the funeral of U.S. Army Sergeant La David Johnson. Johnson is at the center of a controversy after his death in Niger where he was killed by Islamic insurgents. President Donald Trump contacted his widow after the death. After the call, a controversy erupted over the remarks the President made over the phone to Johnson's widow. The controversy continued as Florida congresswoman Wilson became involved after she clashed with White House Chief of Staff John Kelley for remarks he made. Johnson, along with three of his fellow soldiers, was killed in the attack in Niger on October 4.

Mourners say goodbye

Death Rattle Sports reported that mourners were seen exiting the church after the service held for Sergeant Johnson. Portraits of Johnson, 25, and the soldiers who died with him were displayed onstage. He and his fellow soldiers were killed in an attack in Niger on October 4. The Pentagon deployed a team to Niger on a fact-finding mission to determine what happened. The family asked that the press remain outside during the service. Berschel Davis, a retired police officer, said that it was important to remember more than one soldier lost his life. Both Congresswoman Frederica Wilson and the pastor who officiated the service mentioned this remembrance in their remarks. Staff Sergeant Bryan C.

Black, 35, Staff Sergeant Jeremiah W. Johnson, 39, and Staff Sergeant Dustin M. Wright, 29, were also killed.

AJC reported that the funeral was held for the soldier at the center of President Trump's controversy. Details of his life emerged at the funeral. Before joining the Army in 2014, Johnson worked for Walmart. He was known as the "Wheelie King," because he would remove the front tire of his bike and then ride it to work.

According to his obituary, Johnson was a member of Special Forces and had earned awards in leadership and marksmanship accommodations. He left behind a widow and two children.

Family focuses on tribute

The NY Post said that loved ones paid their respects to the fallen soldier. Johnson's death in Niger led to a nasty battle between the President and Congresswoman Felicia Wilson after Trump made a phone call to the widow of the slain soldier.

It was later reported that after the call the widow was left crying and distraught. The controversy that ensued after the phone call wasn't mentioned at the funeral though as mourners shared fond memories. Johnson was known for running seven to eight miles and then rehydrating with sweet tea. His sister, Angela Ghent, said she was struggling with the fact that he was gone.