What was supposed to be a night of fun and music turned into a nightmare for hundreds of people who attended the Route 91 Harvest Country Music Festival in Las Vegas on Sunday. Jason Aldean and his team were performing their last set to wrap up the music show when gunfire was heard in the open field where the program took place.

Concert turns into nightmare

The production team initially stopped the music when the first set of gunshots were heard from the open field before the country singer carried on with the performance. Jason Aldean, his team, and the audience later flee the concert venue after another round of gunfire was heard in the area.

The "Don't You Wanna Stay" singer, through an Instagram post, reassured his fans that he and his crew were not hurt in the incident.

The attack, however, has left at least 50 people dead and over 200 others hurt from gunshot wounds and injuries. The latest figures were released by Sheriff Joseph Lombardo in an early morning press conference on Monday.

"Now the number of injured I do not know yet, but we are looking at an excess of 50 individuals dead and over 200 individuals injured at this point," he said, according to an Entertainment Tonight report.

The police officer from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department also narrated that the gunman was located on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino where he was gunned down by the authorities.

The suspect was identified as a "local resident" who allegedly traveled with an Asian woman, named Marilou Danley, whom the authorities are currently trying to locate.

Among those who were injured in the Las Vegas shooting include two police officers with one of them in critical condition from a gunshot wound. Reports further stated that the injured authorities were off-duty who came to watch the Route 91 Harvest Country Music Festival.

The internet reacts to Las Vegas shooting

Celebrities and music personalities condemned the mass shooting that took the lives on innocent people. Jasmine Armfield took to Twitter to express her grief on the tragic incident, while Sia asked the public to stay vigilant following the shooting.

Lisa Vanderpump also sent her thoughts and prayers to the victims of the horrific act.

Donald Trump also extended his condolences to the bereaved families of those who did not survive the Las Vegas shooting.

Meanwhile, several concertgoers recounted that Jason Aldean was performing his last piece when the perpetrator opened fire and targeted the crowd.

Joe Pitzel, a witness, said he saw other concertgoers ducking upon hearing the gunshots. "People went down on the Mandalay side of the stage. I don't know if people were ducking or if people were hit," he told CNN.

Rachel Dekerf, on the other hand, said the gunfire lasted for 10-15 minutes which was evident in the video recording she took.