The deadly California Wildfires have hit the Santa Rosa home of the late Charles M. Schulz – the creator of the famous “Peanuts” cartoons – on Monday, burning it to the ground. According to her stepson, 78-year-old Jean Schulz safely evacuated the home before the flames engulfed it. However, the couple’s memorabilia and everything else owned by Schulz and his wife is gone.

According to Jean Schulz’s stepson, Monte Schulz, she is currently staying with a daughter after the split-level hillside home, built in the 1970s, was completely destroyed. The “Peanuts” creator and cartoonist had lived in the house until his death in 2000.

Monte said his father had died in the home and all the couple’s memorabilia and everything else they owned was gone.

Schulz family memorabilia has been destroyed

Monte had heard the news from his brother Craig Schulz, who also lost his home in Santa Rosa in the wildfires. Monte said the fire came at around two in the morning, forcing his stepmother to evacuate. However the Atlanta-Journal Constitution quotes Monte as saying his stepmother is “very resilient,” adding that she is pragmatic and energetic, as well as “very tough.”

Monte added that he hasn’t visited the home lately as he lives in Santa Barbara – around 300 miles away – so he is unsure what exactly has been burned.

However, he added that things relating to his father and his life with his stepmother are all gone.

Original ‘Peanuts’ artwork housed in a Santa Rosa museum

According to a report by KRON 4, the majority of Schulz’s original artwork and “Peanuts” memorabilia is housed in the Charles M.

Schulz Museum & Research Center in the city, which fortunately was not burned. However, according to the museum’s website, it is currently closed due to lack of electricity due to the wildfires in the area.

However, Monte said the loss of his father’s house is painful.

While he never lived in the home, he used to visit all the time and has happy memories of his time there.

The cartoonist is known for his ties to Santa Rosa and the surrounding Sonoma County. In 1958, he built a home in Sebastopol with his first wife, Joyce. The Santa Rosa Airport is named in his honor as Charles M. Schulz-Sonoma County Airport. In the airport, several bronze sculptures of his popular “Peanuts” characters can be seen, while the airport’s logo displays Snoopy, on top of his doghouse, in full flight mode.

Fatalities from Northern California wildfires

26 people have died since the wildfires hit Northern California wine country on Sunday. SFGate reported on Thursday that firefighters are battling to keep the blaze away from Sonoma, particularly the north of the town. The flames have so far spared the historic area of the city, including the Spanish barracks and old mission, among others. However, many residents were evacuated from the town for safety.