Two days after President Donald Trump threatened to destroy North Korea and made similar threats against Venezuela and Iran, Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe’s took the podium at the United Nations General Assembly. He criticized Trump in his speech. Mugabe described Trump as a “giant gold Goliath” who threatens to make other nations “extinct.” Mugabe, 93, was referring to the proverbial giant in The Bible who attempted to destroy Israelites before David knocked him down with a slingshot.

Was Mugabe sleeping?

When Trump delivered his speech at the UN earlier this week, Mugabe was seen snoozing in the audience, but it looks like some remarks by President Trump did get through to him.

He appealed to the US President to “blow his trumpet,” but blow it in a “musical way” taking into account the values of peace, unity, togetherness, cooperation, and dialogue that the UN has always stood for, rather than promising their damnation.

His speech draws applause

In their report, the South African pointed to the fact that when a “land-grabbing enthusiast” like Mugabe is embarrassed by your leadership, it is time to reconsider a couple of things. However, they did note that the Zimbabwe president’s speech did draw appreciative applause from the onlookers, although two US diplomats in the audience managed to keep a poker face.

Mugabe also addressed the issue of the Paris Climate Accord and the choice of the Trump administration to ditch it. He stressed that the US needs to tackle the issue, as climate change is real.

He also went on to send condolences to Puerto Rico and other countries affected by the recent hurricanes and other natural disasters. Among other subjects, the Zimbabwe President also went on to say that the world cannot expect peace, while constantly investing in war. He said a “different, better world is possible.”

Mugabe has fiercely criticized Western intervention in the past and brought it up again in his speech.

He said that his country and Africa, in general, have defeated the “monster of imperialism.” However, in his 37-year rule, he has caused many countries to impose sanctions against Zimbabwe for his leadership’s “undemocratic behavior.”

Rather ironically, while Mugabe makes his calls for “peace and togetherness,” he is still trying to stop assault charges against his wife, Grace Mugabe, for her recent brutal attack on a South African model in a Sandton hotel.

Listen to Mugabe's full speech in the video below: