Following President Donald’s Trump’s criticism of NFL players and others who protest the national anthem by sitting or kneeling, renowned singer, Stevie Wonder appeared at the 6th annual Global Citizen Music Fest on Saturday and "took a knee" for America. In fact, the singer and musician took two knees for America, to tumultuous applause.

Stevie Wonder at the Global Citizen Music Fest

Appearing in Central Park in New York on Saturday night, Wonder drew tumultuous applause as he made his stand (or rather kneel) on the stage. While he didn’t directly say it, Wonder was no doubt referring to Colin Kaepernick’s move of taking a knee during the national anthem ahead of last year’s NFL season, which has since been emulated by many in the sports fraternity.

Wonder told the audience that he wasn’t taking just one knee, but both knees, as he was helped down onto the stage floor by his son, Kwame Wonder. He said he was taking both knees to pray for the planet, their future, world leaders and the planet. The musician then went on to tell his “global brothers and sisters” that he hadn’t come here to preach, but just to tell them everyone’s spirits “must be in the right place all the time.”

Naturally, Twitter came alive, mostly in support of Wonder:

Singer denounces sexism and bigotry in the world

As reported by the New York Daily News, Wonder then called on the audience to denounce sexism and bigotry, saying everyone must take care of each other and our planet, otherwise we could all “lose the ultimate video game of life.” This was likely in reference to the recent exchange of insults between President Trump and the Kim Jong Un, with each currently threatening the other with war.

The singer added that the weapons are real, while the current “rhetoric is dangerous.”

As reported by Deadline, Wonder has often spoken upon social, environmental and political issues.

During a recent Hurricane Harvey telethon, the singer spoke about keeping issues like race, religion, sexual preference, and political affiliation aside while helping those who have been devastated by the recent storms.

Wonder also spoke out in April this year while accepting the “Key of Life” award in Los Angeles, saying when people hate each other over their sexual preference, religion or skin color it is both ignorant and stupid. He said with everything that has happened in recent years, there is now a challenge to get the world back to the “right place,” which he added has been consistently important in the field of music.