The US manufactures high-tech products and is home to leading companies such as Microsoft, Tesla, Apple, and more. America creates satellites and powerful nuclear weapons, but it also has a relatively short life expectancy. The US has been surpassed by countries with a much lower per capita income -- and in this regard, America is similar to the Soviet Union.

Health in the USSR

The Soviet Union was advanced in space technology, it had a powerful heavy industry and a skilled workforce. On the other hand, the USSR produced fewer vehicles than the US, its service economy was less developed, and its production of consumer goods was smaller than in America and Western Europe.

On the other hand, the Soviet Union was more advanced than many third world countries. Anyway, the public health was in such critical conditions that in 1972 the government stopped publishing data on the life expectancy of its population according to a report by The Times. Years later the information was made public, the USSR was the first industrialized nation whose inhabitants saw a reduction of this social indicator, it was facing a hard time.

Russia still has to improve

According to a report by Vice, Russian men lived 68 years, but it fell to 58 during the crisis. Today they live more, reaching 72.5 years but this is less than in other industrialized nations according to a report by Russian Reality.

Americans live longer than Russians but not as long as people from other advanced countries.

Health in the US

According to a report by CNN, the life expectancy in the US fell in 2015, the United States is behind many nations in this indicator. According to a report by MinnPost, the US had a life expectancy of 78.9 years in 2016 which makes it the 58th highest in the world.

The highest one belongs to Japan where it is 83.9 years. The growth of the US life expectancy has stalled, it increased just 0.1 percent since 2010 until 2016. America has to control its military expenditures and improve its social indicators.

A sign

The US has to make public health accessible to millions who have scarce economic resources, the situation that many people live these days is a negative sign that reminds of the Soviet Union.

America can create electric vehicles, spacecraft and advanced software, so, it can improve the living conditions of its population. NATO nations must accept their responsibilities and pay for their security, or many social indicators of America will worsen.