The long awaited interview the Senate Judiciary Committee was anxious to have with Donald Trump Jr, finally happened last Thursday, an interview which was reported to have taken over five-hours to conduct. The private hearing was said to have been closed-door and that the President's eldest son was snuck into the capitol for the session away from the press. After the meeting ended, Trump Jr. put his spin on the session via Twitter.

Trump Jr. lied about Trump Tower meeting from the beginning

According to one report by CNN titled: "Sources: Trump Jr.

said he did not recall WH involvement in response to meeting", those involved in the private session and who spoke about it said that their interview with Jr. did not "ease their concerns" about possible collusion. Even more, it was reported that Trump Jr. claimed that he did not recall getting the public statement from his father, Trump Sr.

Weeks after it had been reported that the President's son had a June 9, 2016 meeting with Russian officials at Trump Tower, it was learned that President Trump dictated the response that Trump Jr. would use when the initial reports of the meeting were released. At the time, Donald Jr. said that the meeting was to discuss adoption programs.

When the President's son was on Fox News with Sean Hannity the same weekend that the New York Times first reported on the meeting, Donald Jr said about the details of the meeting that "that was everything."

Pointing fingers

In the coming days, it was learned that the Trump Tower meeting did not have anything at all to do with adoption programs, and everything to do with getting politically damaging information from Russian officials about Hillary Clinton.

Before it was learned that Trump Sr. dictated the adoption statement from Air Force One to Donald Jr, it was also learned that there were even more Russian officials at the meeting than initially reported.

As for the dictated statement, President Trump's personal counsel confirmed the creation of the statement by the President but were scrambling to explain where it came from.

The suggestion at the time was that senior aides and perhaps even Marc Kasowitz were involved in crafting it, which he denied.

When all else fails, blame faulty memory

If the CNN article is fully implying that Trump Jr. did not recall receiving dictation from his father and not taking what the media outlet's sources said out of context or excluding other details, then Trump Jr. has once again lied about the incident and this time to the committee. Not recalling such details is a similar response to what other Trump surrogates or aides have said when they've been interrogated such as attorney general Jeff Sessions, when he's been asked about meeting with other Russian officials.

But this was to be expected from Trump Jr.

as the Trump administration has done nothing but confirm time and time again as they lie their way out of one scandal and right into another. Another reason to expect this from Jr. -- whether it made a difference or not -- was because Trump Jr. was free to lie in the session, as he was reportedly not under oath.

The Judiciary Committee has intensified their Russia investigation but the Senate Intelligence Committee is also looking into talking with Trump Jr now. Last Wednesday, Senators Richard Burr (R) and Mark Warner (D) privately discussed interviewing others involved with the Trump Tower meeting before interviewing Trump Jr, which could be a public hearing. Special prosecutor Robert Mueller is reportedly already investigating the details of that meeting.