With a team of 16, Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller has the major task of handling the Justice Department's investigation on the Trump campaign's collusion with Russian officials. At the same time, congressional committees are also conducting their own investigations and as a result, CNN has reported on the discovery of a new email from another former member of the Trump campaign. The email was reportedly from a campaign aide who notified Trump campaign officials last year that someone - only identified as WV - claimed they would be able to arrange a meeting with Russian officials which included Vladimir Putin.

Another email, another Trump campaign meeting with Russian officials

That aide, Rick Dearborn, is now acting as President Trump's deputy Chief of Staff. The email was included in a batch of 20,000 emails that were turned over by the White House to congressional investigators at the beginning of the Summer. Dearborn has not been brought up as a person of interest thus far and the CNN article referred to a source who has seen the email and said that Dearborn's tone appeared to be skeptical about the message. Nonetheless, this new information suggests that investigators might start looking towards him to learn more if they haven't already.

He reportedly received the email in June of last year around the same time that Trump Jr.

received his emails that would lead to a meeting with several Russian officials at Trump Tower. That meeting is now under investigation by Robert Mueller's team of prosecutors and a grand jury which have already subpoenaed the White House and all individuals present at that meeting. During that time, Dearborn was Chief of Staff for then-Senator Jeff Sessions but was also involved with policy for the campaign.

Sessions was also in charge of the campaign's foreign policy team. It's understood that Dearborn arranged the foreign policy speech that candidate Trump made where Sergey Kislyak reportedly "met" with Sessions.

Sergey Kislyak, Jeff Sessions

This is where Sessions becomes a point of focus once again as he was forced to recuse himself from the Russia investigation earlier this year.

That investigation was being conducted by the Justice Department and is now in the hands of the special prosecutor. Sessions has been grilled a few times about his involvement with Russian officials when he was with the Trump campaign, initially lying to Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) about meeting with a Russian official before it was learned that it was more than brief and with Sergey Kislyak.

When asked about these matters, Sessions denied it and attempted to redefine what the word "meeting" meant and claimed to not remember or recall. It's suggested in the article that Russian contacts were emailing others in the Trump campaign to try and establish a connection where they could provide information on Trump's campaign rival. It was during that June that reports had been released to show that the Democratic National Committee servers had been hacked.