The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic Mohammad Javad Zarif denounced the travel ban on the entry of Iranians into the United States by President Donald Trump, Wahington Examiner reported.

"Trump’s fake empathy for Iranians rings ever more hollow, with his new and even more offensive travel ban against such outstanding citizens," Zarif wrote on Twitter.

New restrictions

Earlier, Trump tightened restrictive measures to enter the United States for citizens of several countries and added three more states, Venezuela, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and Chad, to the list which already includes Iran, Yemen, Libya, Syria, and Somalia, against which the ban will start from 18 October.

Trump explained the need to take care of national security. "Making America Safe is my number one priority. We will not admit those into our country we cannot safely vet," Trump wrote on Twitter.

Based on the previous immigration decrees of Trump, there are formulated relaxations to a number of categories of citizens of countries from the restricted list. So, people with the dual citizenship of the United States and countries from the list, as well as "green card holders" (a permanent residence permit in the United States), will continue to be accepted. Also, holders of some special entry permits that are not a visa can enter America, as well as diplomats, the UN, NATO and international financial organizations such as the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

Trump says Iran is a murderous regime

Speaking at the UN President Trump called Iran "a murderous regime" and a "corrupt dictatorship" that exports violence. "The Iran deal was one of the worst and most one-sided transactions the US has ever entered into," Trump said, speaking for the first time at the UN General Assembly. According to him, the Iranian government has turned its prosperous country with a rich history and culture into a violent and oppressive regime.

On Saturday, Trump accused Iran of working with the DPRK on its ballistic missile test. He tweeted: "Iran just test-fired a Ballistic Missile capable of reaching Israel." The White House said that the missile tests by Iran have violated a United Nations resolution put unilateral sanctions. It imposed unilateral sanctions on Iran and warned not to undertake activities which deliver a nuclear weapon. On Saturday, Iran declared that the Khorramshahr missile could carry several warheads, Mirror reported.