Despite massive criticism and concerns that his approach might have left a lasting adverse effect, former White House spokesperson Sean Spicer on Thursday insisted that he did not willingly give false information to the people of the United States. Appearing on 'Good Morning America,' Spicer said that he never lied intentionally from the White House briefing podium.

Trump never asked Spicer to lie

According to The Daily Mail, Spicer also claimed that his boss Donald Trump never required him to lie or bend facts when addressing the American people.

He also added that he does not cheat on his taxes. The former White House official also accused his detractors of painting him as a serial liar, while also mocking his failed attempt to land a well-paying job with a US TV company. During his appearance on the TV show, Spicer admitted that he made mistakes during his stint as Trump's spokesperson, but quickly added that he tried his best to own up to them. He said that sometimes he committed errors without intent, and only realized it after someone pointed them out to him. According to Spicer, the personal attacks that were leveled at him sometimes crossed the bounds of reason.

During the interview that was also reported by ABC News, he added that he did not feel that his actions caused him to lose credibility, saying that it is up to other people to render judgment on him.

Spicer insisted that he is not willing to offer an apology for his actions as the White House Spokesperson. While admitting that there are actions he took during his time at the West Wing that he needs to straighten up, Spicer voiced his belief that he tried his best to own up to many of them. His interviewers reminded him of a particular press conference during which he lectured journalists for what was viewed as their skeptical coverage of Donald Trump's inauguration, to which Spicer admitted that he was wrong.

The former official said that in hindsight, he should have been more clear that he wanted to discuss other broader issues, and not focus on the photographs showing the size of the crowd that witnessed Trump taking his oath of office.

Spicer's clash with reporters

During his presser after Trump's inauguration, Spicer made a comment that was not reported but later appeared on ABC's website.

In the comment, he stated that mages of Trump's inauguration did not show what happened in Washington, D.C. The former press secretary reportedly said that there were more platforms to view such events that existed eight years before (During former President Barack Obama's reign). Last week, Mr. Spicer was a surprise inclusion during the Emmy Awards, where he recreated one of his more infamous moments during his time as a Trump aide. His appearance was criticized by some people, who saw it as inappropriate given his tumultuous time at the White House. Spicer, however, said that Trump lauded his appearance at the Emmy Awards.