Hurricane Irma is currently wrecking havoc in Florida. It had already devastated the Caribbean including Sir Richard Branson’s private island. The Virgin Group founder and CEO revealed through social media that he and his team hid in a concrete Wine Cellar during the hurricane. After Irma’s sojourn in the Caribbean, Branson emerged from hiding to reveal the hurricane’s aftermath.

Some businessmen invest in bunkers to save themselves from natural phenomenon. But Branson was more creative. When Hurricane Irma’s strong winds and the storm threatened his life and his team’s welfare, he decided to use his well-built underground wine cellar as a refuge.

Of course, it did protect them from the storm.

Branson’s island on the hurricane’s path

According to a post on the company’s blog, the Necker and Moskito islands were in the direct path of Hurricane Irma. The billionaire was on the island as well as his staff when the storm landed. In Branson’s personal social media accounts, he posted a photo of the wine cellar where people looked comfortable in bunk beds crisp white beddings.

Brandon said that all of his team members who stayed on the islands during the hurricane were all safe. But posting about their safety wasn’t that easy. After Irma devastated the Caribbean, all communication lines were cut off. To notify the world of the safety of the members, the businessman relied on a satellite phone to send his message which was then transcribed into a blog post by the Virgin group.

Wine cellar

Being a wealthy man, it wasn’t surprising at all that a concrete underground wine cellar was built on his private island in the Caribbean. Fortunately, the well-built structure served more than its purpose and protected the whole team from the disaster. Despite being safe, the businessman also sent out a sympathetic message that goes out to all those who are about to face Irma’s wrath.

Irma’s aftermath

After the storm passed in the Caribbean, Branson emerged from his hiding place to update the world of Irma’s aftermath. He posted photos of damaged forests and buildings. Branson even said that they all felt the “force” of the strongest storm to ever passed the Atlantic Ocean.

He also emphasized how his concrete wine cellar saved him and his staff.

Despite the devastation, the businessman is still positive that everyone in the region will be able to recover. He said he is currently in Puerto Rico to work on his recovery plans and to mobilize relief efforts for those in the British Virgin Islands who were badly affected by the hurricane.