Hurricane Irma, labeled as the most powerful Atlantic storm in a decade with winds of 185mph which are faster than Hurricane Harvey, is expected to hit the United States by the weekend. This Hurricane has become so strong that even earthquake devices started to register seismic activities on Tuesday when Irma soared up to Category 5 Storm which sustained winds of 175 mph (280 km/h). Hurricane Irma was formed in the far eastern Atlantic near Cape Verde islands which, based on records, produces the most intense storms such as Hurricane Hugo, Floyd, and Ivan.

Probably the most powerful Atlantic Ocean Hurricane ever recorded in History is expected to dump unimaginable heavy rain that may cause flash floods, landslides and waves up to 23 feet on the United States mainland this coming weekend with winds reaching up to 175 miles per hour. Hurricane Irma has become extremely dangerous and officials already released warnings for expected heavy rain, flash floods, and landslides and urge the people to evacuate if they are in dangerous areas. Hurricane Irma already made its landfall on the Caribbean Islands early Wednesday. At the far northeastern edge of the Caribbean, authorities on the Leeward Islands of Antigua and Barbuda already cut the power supply and urged residents to shelter indoors as they braced for Hurricane Irma's first contact with land early Wednesday.

State of Emergency for affected areas

Donald Trump, the United States President, already declared a state of emergency to potentially affected areas, specifically Florida, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Other possible affected areas are already on standby to prepare for this disaster. The government encourages people to stay alert and be ready at all times as it is expected to affect millions of people.

Hurricane preparations and warnings

Authorities anticipate Hurricane Irma, Category 5 storm, will cause flash floods, landslides and heavy rain which will cause massive destruction to properties in affected areas. People are encouraged to prepare for possible black-outs for weeks, so evacuate to highest possible land to secure safety, charge all the devices to be updated by the news about Hurricane Irma and be prepared for any possible effects.

Many people have already evacuated their houses and others already stocked up on basic food, water, and medicines to prepare for this upcoming disaster. Many residents are asking for prayers to keep them safe from this disaster.