The renowned rapper B.O.B has started an initiative to remove all doubts on whether the Earth is flat or spherical. The American rapper whose real name is Boby Ray Simmons Jr has over the years been a protagonist of the Flat Earth Theory- the theory claims that the earth is a disc and not spherical. Taking to his twitter account, the rapper has made it clear that he believes that earth is indeed flat and anything contrary to that is foolish.

Twitter Brawl between Boby Ray Simmons and his followers

The American rapper started sharing his beliefs on twitter a year ago, and like many other tweets it went unnoticed to some, but it later caught the attention of a famous astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson.

The astrophysicist tried to convince the rapper otherwise but only motivated the rapper to prove his theory that the world is flat. B.o.B went ahead and posted a picture of a horizon asking for an explanation as to where the curvature was located. Though some of the rapper's fans have turned up to support his claims, some still argue that the world is spherical.

'Flat Earth Bob'

The rapper has gone ahead and started a fundraiser on the GoFundMe crowd-funding website with a goal of raising up to $200,000 to fund the launch of one or more satellites to take pictures of the world's shape. Referring to himself as "Flat Earth Bob," the rapper calls for support from his fans and followers in raising the $200,000.

Rapper B.O.B contributed $100,000 to kickstart to crowdfunding. Currently, the rapper has raised $2621 which included donations from people who supported him and those who wished to prove him wrong.

"Show me the curve BoB!" one person who donated $10 wrote.

Others who remained unconvinced, "I don't care about curvature, I just want to see if is really rotating."

Nevertheless, a lot of people believe in the Flat Earth Theory. The advocates of this theory also believe that NASA has employed staff to guard the edge of the world and prevent people from falling off.

Boby Ray Simmons, being a proponent of the idea is very determined to prove his belief.

"The cities in the background are approximately 16 miles apart," he said, tweeting a picture of the skyline on the horizon.

"Where is the curve? Please explain this". The rapper demanded a reasonable explanation as to why the curve is not visible to naked eyes.

It would seem that B.o.B is planning to take on anyone claiming that the Earth is indeed a globe. He has continued posting on his twitter account, showing proof and explanations as to why his theory is nothing but a simple fact.