There are many heartwarming stories coming out of Texas these days. In this one, victims of Hurricane Harvey and the ensuing floods in a Sugar Land neighborhood of Houston got a special treat Tuesday when Pizza Hut sent out their workers to deliver hot pizzas by kayak.

Kayaks loaded with piping hot pizzas arrive in the area

Shayda Habib is the manager of the Pizza Hut branch on West Airport. After one of her employees told her people living in the neighborhood were getting low on food and were hungry, she instantly made a plan. Habib told Houston station KPRC they knew they had to act fast, so she called her husband and asked him to get the kayaks together and meet her at the restaurant.

Habib told the media they initially packed a total of 120 hot pizzas, stored in heat-locking delivery containers, into kayaks which employees then delivered to the residents in their homes. Habib said while the people had never expected this to happen, it was great to see them smiling at a Pizza Hut delivery among so much gloom and misery. Habib said one woman told her she had a customer for life, which really made her smile.

Workers wade through chest-high water to make the deliveries

As reported by the Huffington Post, Habib was out there herself along with six workers, aided by friends and family, while wading through waters that reached as high as their chests.

If the water got a little too high for wading, they climbed into the kayaks, paddling along with the pizzas balanced on their laps.

Habib is currently pregnant and her baby is due in December. She said she did her best with the help of workers, but sometimes had her limits. She didn’t want to do anything to endanger her baby, but continued helping for as long as she could.

When people thanked her for her efforts, she dismissed the praise, telling them they are family. She stressed that the residents are the reason she has a job. Habib added that they were fortunate to be able to help the community where they live.

Plans to continue delivering pizzas until the store runs out

This wasn’t the end of their generous efforts, however, as they continued delivering even more pizzas in the neighborhood by kayak on Wednesday and Thursday, with plans to continue until they ran out of food.

KPRC quotes James Bodenstedt, a Pizza Hut franchisee, as applauding the workers for helping the local residents. He said they are proud of their team for spotting the need and stepping up to help the community at a time of such devastation.

According to the National Weather Service, the greater Houston area was hit by as much as 40 inches of rain over the last weekend due to Hurricane Harvey.