Omarosa Manigault used to be able to go directly to the oval office and talk to President Donald Trump and keep him informed about certain things that would ruin the rest of his day, according to The Daily Beast. The former "Apprentice" and "Celebrity Apprentice" contestant who is now Trump's adviser and the staffer has always felt close to the president and has been known to get his ear and give him information to distract him.

All that happened before General John Kelly took over from former chief of staff Reince Priebus. Now the communications director for the Office of Public Liaison no longer has that privilege, and she doesn't like it one bit.

Kelly's orders

Kelly, the new chief of staff, is more successful at keeping people out of the Oval Office, including Omarosa, who is frustrated over the new rule. She shouldn't take it personally because even Ivana Trump, his own daughter, is not permitted to just walk into her father's office and fill his head with unnecessary gossip.

Priebus had specifically tried to keep Omarosa from various meetings, but he failed in many cases. However, things are different now that Kelly is at the helm. Omarosa, along with other staffers, hasn't had direct access to the president since last June.

Omarosa was worse offender

Omarosa has been described as the worse offender when it comes to sharing negative news coverage to the president that often triggered his anger.

She is the one who reportedly kept things going about Joe Scarborough and his financée Mika Brzezinski. She kept Trump updated on what the "Morning Joe" co-hosts were saying. This led to a Twitter war between Trump and the MSNBC couple last June. Omarosa has not had direct access to the president because she is not allowed to go into the Oval Office and chat with President Trump as she has done in the past.

Kelly is able to shield the president from negative input from others during normal White House working hours. However, Kelly has no control over what news Trump gets on his own. Even though staffers can't walk into the Oval Office, the president still uses his private cell phone to talk to and get advice from some of his close friends, including Omarosa.

Unfortunately, there is not much Kelly can do about that when the staffers are off duty. Also, there is absolutely nothing the new chief of staff can do to keep President Trump from binge watching his favorite news channels to get negative news himself.