First Lady Melania Trump usually keeps a low profile, but has recently found her name in the headlines. After sending out an innocent tweet wishing the United States Air Force a happy birthday, critics of Donald Trump decided to voice their opposition on social media.

Melania on Twitter

It all started back in the summer of 2015 when Donald Trump brought his family with him to the floor of Trump Tower. In doing so, the former host of "The Apprentice" caused a media frenzy when he announced that he was running for president, and would do so as a member of the Republican Party.

Despite initially being viewed as a joke, Trump found surprising success and was named the GOP nominee at the Republican National Convention last July. During the event, Melania Trump was put center stage and gave a speech to those in attendance and millions around the world. However, Melania came under fire after it was exposed that her speech was plagiarized from one given by former First Lady Michelle Obama years earlier. In the year that has followed, Melania has been criticized for a variety of reasons, from her ad nauseam defense of the president, to her apparent hypocritical attempt to end cyber bullying. As seen on her Twitter account on September 18, Melania wished the United States Air Force a happy birthday, but it was quickly met with criticism.

Taking to her Twitter feed on Monday was Melania Trump who acknowledged the anniversary of the United States Air Force. "Happy Birthday @USAirForce!" Melania tweeted, before adding, "Thank you to the heroes who protect us & the families who love them!" Not long after her tweet, the backlash begun from her critics, with some pointing out that Donald Trump avoided the military at all cost.

Twitter reacts

Though Melania Trump appeared to send out an innocent tweet to the Air Force, those who oppose Donald Trump didn't hold back in their response. "Brave men, not draft dodgers," one tweet read.

"The people that voted for your husband are the ones that say to immigrants.

'Speak English I can't understand you,'" another tweet added. "And yet your husband didn't serve with three deferments. So much respect," one Twitter user noted.

"How's the cyber bullying campaign going?" one tweet sarcastically asked. "What a disservice to the military. Imagine defending the country and then having to sit through this airhead gold digger yap on and on. OMG," yet another post read. As the negative reaction continued, the rift between those on the left and right showed that it wouldn't be ending anytime soon.