Hurricane Irma -- already considered one of the strongest hurricanes over the Atlantic -- is making its way towards Florida. This extremely powerful tropical cyclone has already hit a chain of Caribbean islands. The prime minister of Antigua and Barbuda told reporters,”Barbuda is completely destroyed” Irma is gradually approaching the east coast, and a public warning has been issued by Rick Scott, the governor of Florida, to all citizens.

What have preparations been made for the evacuation?

Repeated warnings to people who are in the risk zone have continuously been issued.

Governor Rick Scott in a public conference urged people to get out quickly if the people have been ordered by the local officials to do so and requested the people to take the evacuation orders seriously. The governor also Tweeted the following message

The highways tolls all the across the state have also been relinquished to make the evacuation much easier for all the people and emergency helpline numbers have also been issued to help out people who have trouble getting out. This was also tweeted by Governor Rick Scott.

The preparations have been proactive so far but Rick notified that Irma might be much worse than the hurricane Andrew which caused massive damages in Florida, back in 1992.

Mandatory evacuations are already in progress in parts of Miami-Dade County and Florida keys where the hurricane is expected to land on Monday. A large number of people rushed to the stores to stock up on the basic necessities. According to Governor Scott, about a thousand National Guard members were mobilized in places where the hurricane is anticipated and about 6000 will be ready to be mobilized by Friday.

How dangerous is Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma is an exceptionally strong tropical cyclone, which currently is classified as Category 5 Hurricane. It is the strongest Atlantic hurricane since Wilma in terms of wind speed that follows with the hurricane. Irma became a category 5 hurricane on 5 September and it had peak intensity next day with the wind speeds up to 185 miles per hour.

Irma is the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic basin. The low pressure of Irma makes it the strongest tropical cyclone in 2017 worldwide. It can cause catastrophic damage to anything that lies in its path. All necessary precautions are being taken so as to keep the loss of lives to a minimum even though it's not completely sure where this tropical storm might make landfall.