Jon Cooper came under fire for attacking Sarah Huckabee Sanders on social media on Thursday. But more than the content of his tirade, the politician was bombarded with heavy criticisms for using the wrong photo in his tweet.

The Chairman of The Democratic Coalition reportedly posted a picture of Busy Philipps which he thought was an old photo of Sarah Huckabee Sanders. According to Entertainment Tonight, the said image was a still-frame from NBC's "Freaks and Greeks" where the actress starred in.

Politician confuses actress for White House aide

"Sarah Huckabee Sanders even looked habitually pissed when she was a teenager," he captioned.

"I guess having [Gov. Mike Huckabee] as your dad does that to you."

The politician was immediately alerted for his mistake and immediately deleted the controversial post. That, however, did not stop Busy Philipps and her fans to attack Jon Cooper over the mistake.

He later addressed a commenter and admitted that he was looking for "teenage Sarah Huckabee Sanders" when the page suggested Busy Philipps' photo instead. Although many of his detractors continued to criticize him for failing to do a fact-check before venting out on social media, Jon Cooper refused to back down and went on to respond to them one by one.

Busy Philipps, on the other hand, called Jon Cooper's tweet a "fake news" and insisted that she does not resemble the press secretary. "I am never getting over this.

I am actually dead now," she wrote.

Jon Cooper's remarks against Sarah Huckabee Sanders came after the White House aide suggested that a journalist should be fired for attacking the U.S.

president on social media. She was referring to ESPN's Jemele Hill who expressed her "personal beliefs" on Donald Trump's leadership.

Her online tirade against the POTUS earned mixed response from Donald Trump critics and detractors. Even her network's name was dragged in on the issue which prompted Jemele Hill to clarify her intention for making such comments.

The internet calls for Sanders' dismissal from the White House

The African-American journalist, however, received outpouring of support from the public after Sarah Huckabee Sanders stated that what she did was a "fireable offense." In fact, the online community started the hashtag #FireSarah to call for the dismissal of the White House aide.

People from the internet thought the press secretary is using her position to threaten the American citizens from speaking up.