A strange murder case has not only shocked authorities but is allegedly a mystery even to the man who has been accused of committing the crime. A 27-year-old man named Matthew Phelps from North Carolina called up emergency services on Friday night and said that he had woken up with blood all over him to find that his Wife had been stabbed and killed. Phelps said that he did not remember committing the gruesome crime of killing his wife and that he may have done so under the influence of a cough medication that he had taken before going to sleep.

What did the murder case involve?

In a shocking admission, Phelps called up emergency services on the night of the murder and confessed that he may have killed his wife. He revealed that he had no memory of the incident and that he believed that he had a nightmare where he was stabbing 29-year old Lauren Phelps. Upon waking, however, he claimed to have found himself covered with Lauren's blood and the victim lying lifeless. The bloody knife, used for the stabbing, was also on his bed when he made the call.

In the recorded emergency call, Phelps can be heard sobbing and breathing hard. He claimed he had no idea what time it is and when he had actually woken up. Phelps voice during the call seems to show his true bewilderment at the scene that was in front of him.

The emergency responder also asked Phelps repeatedly to check and see whether his wife was breathing, but the accused said that he could not do so as he was scared of all the blood near her body.

During the call, he also reveals that he did take cough medicine, namely Coricidin, before going to bed. Phelps mentioned that he may have taken more medicine than was required as it sometimes felt good to have it and then go to sleep.

When the police finally arrived at the house, they found that the 29-year old victim had multiple stab wounds on her body. She was transferred to a nearby hospital, where she was declared dead.

Could Phelps be telling the truth?

The husband was placed under arrest for murder and is currently being held without bond at the Wake County jail.

He is scheduled to make a court appearance on Tuesday, September 5. The couple's Facebook page indicates that they were a normal healthy couple, who shared a love for Star Wars and dogs. The two had been married since Novem r, 2016 and friends and family cannot construe any reason why Matthew would have knowingly committed such a heinous crime.