Eagle Creek Fire updates continue to provide bad news for people in the area. A fire started by kids playing with fireworks is destroying forests and famous Oregon locations along the Columbia River. Right in the path of the Eagle Creek Fire is Multnomah Falls, where a stand is being made by firefighters responding to the disaster.

As of the early morning hours on Wednesday (Sept. 5) the Eagle Creek Fire was within two miles of Multnomah Falls and the historic Multnomah Falls Lodge. This was confirmed by the National Weather Service and KATU News, presenting some very bad news to local residents.

The additional bad news is that unconfirmed reports have the fire jumping the Columbia River and sparking a new fire on the Washington state side.

How bad is the fire getting in Oregon?

Many people in Oregon and Washington are posting to a hashtag (#EagleCreekFire) to update people about what is taking place in the Columbia River Gorge. The fire just keeps spreading, with many new stories coming from behind the fire lines. Over the weekend, 140 hikers were stranded when the Eagle Creek Fire cut off exit routes from trails in the area. They had to be rescued and luckily everyone was evacuated safely.

The blaze is believed to have originated about 40 miles east of Portland, along the Columbia River, which serves as a border between Oregon and Washington.

It was at that time that the Oregon State Police released a statement that “misuse of fireworks” may have been what started the dangerous fire. Now the Eagle Creek Fire is burning through dense brush and hiking trails and threatening some of the most beautiful scenery the area has to offer. Other areas are also dealing with the hazardous smoke generated from this and other fires.

Can the Multnomah Falls Lodge be saved?

It is now being live reported that most of the historical artifacts at the Multnomah Falls Lodge have been taken off site in case the worst should happen. The firefighters, of which there are many, that have been called to the scene have doused the lodge in foam and are preparing to make a stand in order to save the buildings and as much of the surrounding area as possible.

The fires will be coming downhill toward them, though, so it could be a difficult endeavor.

The situation isn’t getting any better and the Eagle Creek Fire is only getting worse. Evacuations are taking place all over the Columbia River Gorge, with residents in Corbett Springdale just given warning to prepare to evacuate. Warrendale, Dodson, Larch Mountain, and East Corbett have already been told to “go” with Latourell and Bridal Veil told to get ready to go. The Eagle Creek Fire is going to continue burning through the night and it has caused many people to post about their inability to sleep as they worry about what might take place at Multnomah Falls.