Audi presented the e-concept E-tron Quattro Sportback at the Shanghai Motor Show. Now the Ingolstadt team is expanding its functional scope to include autonomous capabilities in Level 4 and the evolutionary stage "Elaine." Level 4 means that the vehicle is fully autonomous, but the driver can take control at any time. The new derivative will be presented at the IAA in Frankfurt. The show car rides on 23-inch wheels in six-spoke design.


Optically and regarding drive technology, Elaine does not differ from the concept presented in April 2017.

In Shanghai, Audi gave out a first impression of the E-tron Quattro Sportback. The technology of the concept car should be as close as possible to that of the series. The most important key figures are the 503 hp system performance in boost and 4.5 seconds/ 62 mph. The most exciting thing about the E-tron Sportback is the design. Audi has put out an electric car which differs significantly from conventionally powered models. Typically, the headlights are narrower than those of current production vehicles, with two light fields with 250 LEDs underneath. In standard settings, the LEDs form narrow stripes under the headlamps, but they can also display other images and movement. On the left and right, projectors provide digital matrix light that simultaneously generates driving and high beam lights.

But this also has other functions. In fact, in narrow passages, the car can project its dimensions onto the ground so that the driver knows whether space is sufficient.

zFAS control unit

The developers at Elaine focused on the autonomous capabilities of the Audi. The concept is to have an extended version of the congestion pilot known from the A8, the motorway pilot.

The Elaine can travel autonomously on highways at speeds of up to 130 km/h. The developed zFAS control unit, which has considerably more computing power than the A8, is supposed to make it possible. Audi is also showing in Frankfurt how autonomous driving can change the way the vehicle is handled after it has been parked. The manufacturer presents its "AI Zone." If the driver places his or her car in one of these zones, the vehicle should drive into a car park, the carwash or to a petrol station/charging point. The Audi will also be able to find parking spaces on its own. If you want to get going again, the car should be in the takeover zone at the desired time, according to Audi.