In a blatant act of exhibiting no remorse and of stunning defiance, Dylan Roof submitted a written request to the court to fire his two lawyers on grounds that are Jewish and Indian. Roof is a convicted self-confessed white supremacist responsible for the Charleston shootings in 2015.

According to the New York Post, the racist mass murderer shocked the court when he submitted his request, calling the two learned friends "biological enemies" who could not be trusted because of their Jewish and Indian heritage.

NBC News confirmed that the handwritten request was filed by Roof himself before the US 4Th Circuit Court of Appeals on Monday.

Filed motion

Roof expanded his argument against the two state-appointed Attorneys -Alexandra Yates and Sapna Mirchandani - saying that due to their Jewish and Indian ethnicities, it was literally impossible for them to have the same interest in the case as himself.

The NYP wrote that Roof said,"Trust is a vital component in an attorney client relationship, and is important to the effectiveness of the defense,” he said. “Because of my political views, which are arguably religious, it will be impossible for me to trust two attorneys that are my political and biological enemies.”

Court's decision

The 4th circuit court of Appeal will rule on Roof's motion and make the ultimate decision on whether he should be allowed to change lawyers for his upcoming appeal case.

In the motion filed on Monday, Roof made it clear that he had experienced the same problem with his federal trial lawyer, David Isaac Bruck who was also Jewish. Roof claimed that Bruck's ethnicity was a constant source of conflict despite his efforts to look past it.

Trial conflict

In an attempt to save Roof from the death penalty, Bruck had tried to present evidence in court showing that Roof was autistic and had a mental illness.

This prompted Roof to fire the lawyer and start representing himself. At one point, Roof told Bruck to his face that he hated him and if he was ever set free, he would go to his house and kill him.

Yates and Mirchandani were appointed after Roof's sentencing in January, and are about to be shown the door.


In January, Roof was sentenced to die for the murder of nine black worshippers who had invited him to a Bible study session.

After the jury deliberated for two hours and came back with a unanimous guilty verdict, the presiding Judge, Richard Gergel, then formally sentenced Roof.

Gergel said that no amount of punishment could bring back the nine lives that Roof had mercilessly terminated.

In May, Roof requested the court to overturn his conviction and death sentence for the killings.