US President Donald Trump stated in a meeting at the United Nations General Assembly that America will destroy North Korea if it's attacked by the Pyongyang regime. According to a report by the BBC, Trump also mocked the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, stating: "Rocket man is on a suicide mission." North Korea continues to develop and test nuclear weapons, and Pyongyang is also behaving aggressively with its neighbors. General Antonio Guterres, the UN Secretary, stated that war had to be avoided just before Trump spoke. The US President also made negative comments about Iran, Venezuela, Socialism, and other issues.

Will there be war?

The relationship between America and North Korea worsened last month when Pyongyang announced plans to launch missiles around the US territory of Guam. Stewart Patrick, a specialist at the Council on Foreign Relations, stated that Trump's decision to destroy the North Korean regime has little credibility according to a report by the BBC. The specialist believes that the Pentagon will no longer pursue this endeavor after analyzing all the options available.

Trump on different issues

The US President talked about several issues at the United Nations General Assembly, ranging from the policy of Iran to the crisis in Venezuela. Donald Trump dislikes the behavior of those countries, as he believes that Iran is a rogue state that has serious economic problems and fosters violence.

Trump also stated that the situation in Venezuela is unacceptable and that the US could intervene according to a report by Reuters. Trump believes that the United States can't stand by and watch.

On China and North Korea

According to a report by Reuters, Trump insinuated that China has been arming and financing the Pyongyang regime.

He believes that this policy is unacceptable because North Korea is developing nuclear weapons and becoming a threat. China is the main trade partner of North Korea, so, Trump wants the Chinese government to put more pressure on Pyongyang.


The message is clear: Trump won't tolerate the North Korean policy of developing and testing nuclear weapons.

He will take drastic measures if the United States is attacked by the Communist regime -- including the destruction of the nation. The US President also wants the cooperation of China in terms of stopping the development of nuclear weapons by the Pyongyang regime.