Joshua Hupperterz (29) was accused of the murder of the missing Jenna Burleigh (22), Fox News reported. The victim's remains had been found on Saturday in the land which belongs to Hupperterz’s grandmother.

What happened on the day of murder

Joshua Hupperterz is the former student of Temple University, where Jenna Burleigh studied. Last time, the suspect attended classes in spring there. Burleigh studied film and media arts, she was transferred to Temple one week ago from Montgomery County Community College. Burleigh was last noticed on Thursday night, August 31, at around 2 p.m., as Temple Police tweeted on September 1.

It had been reported that a surveillance footage showed that the young woman left Pub Webb in Philadelphia, accompanied by Hupperterz.

As the investigation revealed, the victim and the suspect could have met each other in the pub for the first time, and possibly had no relationship before, ABC7 reported. Hupperterz’s first hearing in the court was held on Friday. He was also accused of possession of an instrument of crime, evidence-tampering, and abuse of a corpse, ABC News reported. Edward Burleigh, the father of the dead girl, wrote on his Facebook page that "Our Beautiful Angel Jenna is now in Heaven."

Hupperterz's accusations

As it was announced in the court in Paupack Township, in 2013 Hupperterz stole a motor vehicle, broke into and robbed a house.

Two years earlier, he had been accused of drug possession and DUI. The court did not appoint an attorney for him at once.

During the investigation, the suspect confessed partially. The police reported, Burleigh had been killed in Hupperterz's house in Philadelphia, not far from the bar where the couple was captured on video, where the investigators found blood and drugs.

The suspect's neighbor mentioned that he saw Hupperterz trying to clean up blood. The suspect transported the body twice, bringing it 25 miles from his apartment to the Wayne County township.

According to the police, the murder was unintentional. The victim got a blunt trauma and then was strangulated, which caused her death.

As Hupperterz explained to the police officers, when leaving the bar that night he had been drunk so much, that could not remind who accompanied him. Philadelphia police commissioner Richard Ross announced, that "We still have a lot of work to do, to include trying to figure out who else may have been involved."