Deanna J. Joseph (39) is accused of her daughter's death in New Jersey. The woman was stopped by New Jersey State Police and charged with child endangerment, Fox News reported. Her daughter was left alone in the car for a long time, while the woman had been taking drugs.

The details of the toddler's death

On Saturday, Deanna J. Joseph took a dose of heroin and drove in Alloway Township with her daughter in her car. Then she left the toddler alone. At about 9.45 p.m. Joseph returned and called for the emergency when she found that her daughter was not responding.

The vehicle was parked near the house with the engine on, and the child spent many hours inside the car, while the woman was under the drug's influence.

The first court hearing was held in the Burlington County Superior Court in Salem on Monday. Salem County Prosecutor John T. Lenahan announced that "It appeared the child was confined in a car seat for the extended time," adding that the little girl "may have injured herself in the car seat."

According to the prosecutor, there were no visible injuries on the child's body, and the investigation about and the cause of the death will be evaluated. According to court records, it was the third time in the past nine years that Joseph was arrested for neglecting her child.

Who is Deanna J. Joseph?

In 2008, Deanna Joseph was accused of child neglect when her two children were left alone at home, while she was under the influence in a parking lot. The children, two year's old and 11 year's old, were taken into the police custody and she was sentenced to five years of probation, US News reported.

Three years ago, the police found her under the influence of drugs at home, when her child was left near the water.

The police found heroin and cocaine near the unconscious mother. The woman was sentenced to one year in prison, and last August she was released.

There is no information if the child protection division of the state Department of Child and Families had been monitoring the woman.

According to the court statements, the woman has been convicted for seven separate arrests including heroin and cocaine possession and resisting arrest.

She eluded several times after being ordered to stop, reported.

Joseph will remain in custody until Thursday when her detention hearing is planned. If Joseph is convicted of the charges of the last episode with her dead daughter, she could be sentenced to up to 10 years in prison.