On Tuesday, a young Sikh man (22) was killed by a 19-year old man in his cab in Bonner County, Idaho, the Independent reported. He studied software engineering in the US and was in the third year of his studies.

Who attacked Gagandeep?

Gagandeep Singh worked as a cab driver. He was allegedly stabbed by a young man whom he picked up at the Spokane International Airport, Washington State. His family believed that he was a victim of a racially motivated attack which was inflamed by Trump's administration.

According to the Sheriff's Office of Bonner County, Jacob Corban Coleman attacked Gagandeep.

He flew into Spokane from Seattle to begin his academic career at Gonzaga but was denied admittance.The University stated that his enrollment status had not been allocated to the University's housing department.

The university also said that a person came to the housing officials, who had a similar description like Coleman, was not enrolled as a student. According to the police, Coleman's hometown is Puyallup in Washington. They did not find the record of his application in the university. Jacob asked Singh to take him to his friend's residence in Bonner County.

Why did Coleman attack Singh?

Coleman said that he bought a knife from a local shop on his way and killed Singh with it. He surrendered to the police after committing crime at the incident place.

He added that he was very sad because he had not got the admission in the Gongaza University where he chose to study. He was charged with first-degree murder.

Police also said that Coleman became violent during the way, and when Singh stopped the taxi in Kootenai, it was confirmed that Coleman lied about the destination.

Gagandeep Singh originally came from Jalandhar, India.

In 2003, along with his family, he settled in Spokane, a city in Washington which is 62 miles from Bonner County, Hindustan times reported. Singh's mother Kamaljit Kaur said that her son had informed her about a white man whom he picked up at the Spokane's airport. He called him a gentleman. She added that Singh stopped receiving calls around 6 pm.

Singh was Manmohan Singh Raju's nephew, a politician in Jalandhar, who said that Gagandeep suffered from racial hatred. He blamed Trump's administration for this murder and added that the Asians are racially discriminated in the United States because the government is cutting job opportunities for them. Sikhs have been terrorized by the Americans because they confused them with Muslims, according to the Stranger.