The politics of White House as again taken a major u-turn and this time the scape goat is none another than Doctor Anthony Scaramucci. In a series of events, Anthony Scaramucci was fired, just 10 days after being sworn as the communication director for the White House. And this incident occurred a few hours after Trump's new Chief Of Staff John Kelly joined his position.

Trump trusts Kelly

The 53-year-old, now former communication director was known for is the foul mouth and was the one to rant about the former chief of staff Reince Priebus. He was also considered as the primary reasons behind Priebus's escape.

He was immediately shown the door after the retired Marine Corps Kelly took the oath in the Oval Office. Trump is confident that Kelly would do a great job. He was brought on board to bring order and discipline to a White House which is infamously known for scandals, legislative defeats, and law failures. Thereby, with this Scaramucci was shown the door.

The officials speculate that it was either Trump or Kelly who decided the ill fate of Scaramucci, who was also seen in the Oval Office after Kelly joined in. Giving an official remark on this incident White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders confirmed that Scaramucci thought that it was essential for Kelly to start from the base and to build his own team.

Scaramucci's remarks like he will fire everyone and his foul mouth could also be the key reason for his removal. Everyone in the White House had issues with Scaramucci's attitude and behavior. In fact, his comments on Priebus and chief strategist Steve Bannon in an interview with the New Yorker was found inappropriate and vulgar even by the White House officials.

If taken all this into consideration, these things could also be the reasons for this expulsion.

The controversy with the issue

Scaramucci was escorted off the White House grounds as a tradition for those who are terminated and who do not hold any position or say in the Trump administration. With this, it is still not clear or known that who will be the successor of Scaramucci's position.

Meanwhile, in the past, the former communications director had involved himself in a controversy where he was accused of leaking his ex-wife's nude pictures online as a revenge after their divorce, but this news was soon dismissed after it was confirmed that it was a fake news and nothing else. With everything going so melodramatic in the White House, we have to sit back and see what will be next.