One intruder got more than he bargained for when breaking into a Chesterfield County, Virginia home. The family’s German shepherd dog wasn’t having any of it when he attacked the intruder, leaving blood-spattered walls and carpets. The intruder only made off with his injuries.

String of robberies in the neighborhood

WRIC reports that Tristan Murrin and his family had said there had been a string of burglaries in their neighborhood and that they had also been targeted by the robber on Thursday, August 10th. However, instead of making off with the Murrin’s possessions, the intruder left a whole load of his blood behind instead – all over the home.

Murrin said it was like a scene from a horror movie when they walked into their home. He posted two video clips to Facebook, showing the aftermath of the robbery attempt, saying they had experienced a break in the night before but fortunately no one was home. Murrin went on to say he couldn’t be more proud of their German shepherd, Oden, who protected the home and the family’s belongings while they were out.

One video is included here, but viewers are warned there is some strong language:

Both clips went viral on the social media platform, drawing over 25 million views. The posts drew thousands of comments, with many Facebook users concerned about the dog, but reportedly the German shepherd was unharmed in the incident.

Intruder left trail of blood all over the Virginia home

As reported by, in an interview with ABC8, Murrin said the entire upstairs landing was soaked in blood and there was a Trail Of Blood from upstairs all the way down. Speaking to WRIC, he said when they first entered the home they saw nothing wrong at the front door.

However, as he and his mother walked further into the home they saw spots of blood on the floor. They then followed the blood trail upstairs.

According to the family, Oden has never been aggressive in the past and they are happy the German shepherd stood his ground against the intruder.

He said the dog really did his job well and that Oden knew the intruder shouldn’t be in the home and acted on it, effectively chasing the intruder away.

While the attempted burglar escaped from the scene, the Murrin family hopes that by sharing the story, it might lead officials to catch the perpetrator.

In a similar recent incident, an African Grey parrot caught a burglar in the act of robbing his owner’s Gillingham home. When that intruder decided to try and steal the bird, it pecked him, drawing blood. Police ran a DNA test on the blood, left behind on the door as the robber left the home, and tied it to the suspect in question, who was then arrested.