Two teenage girls were babysitting an eight-month-old Baby Girl when they made a Video of themselves placing the crying baby into a Refrigerator and closing the door. The video was then posted to Snapchat. Both teenagers are both facing assault and child endangerment charges.

Babysitters place a baby girl in the refrigerator

The girls' names have not been released as they are juveniles; they were babysitting an infant girl in Danvers on Monday. As reported by Itemlive, in the disturbing video – included below – the child can be heard screaming as the teens take her into the kitchen, open the refrigerator door and place her sideways on a shelf inside.

Both girls can be heard laughing as they did this, and continued laughing after they closed the refrigerator door while saying, "Bye." The infant can be heard screaming inside the refrigerator. A few seconds later, they open the refrigerator door and remove the crying infant and one of the girls is heard to say, still laughing, that the baby was OK. The teens posted the video to Snapchat.

Girls arrested and charged

Steve O’Connell, a spokesman for the Essex District Attorney, said that both Danvers and Swampscott police were notified of the incident on Monday and both teenage girls were arrested. The teens were arraigned on Tuesday in Essex Juvenile Court and are both facing charges of assault, child endangerment and battery with a dangerous weapon.

O’Connell said the dangerous weapon in question was the refrigerator. O’Connell added that the baby was fine and has returned to her family.

A spokesperson for the Department of Children and Families said on Wednesday that they have received a report about the incident and are collaborating with law enforcement to investigate.

Mother shocked at her niece's actions

As reported by WCBV, the infant’s mother had asked her 15-year-old niece and her 14-year-old friend to watch the infant for short time while she took a shower. When she found out what the girls had done, she said she was horrified and in shock. She did add that she knows her niece wouldn’t deliberately hurt her daughter and thinks it was just foolishness and stupidity on the girls’ part and they were just playing around.

However, she added that she will not leave her children with her niece or her friends ever again.

Neighbors were shocked to hear what the teenagers had done. A 72-year-old Al Mailloux told WCBV that it was “really disgusting.” He said he doesn’t know what the two girls were thinking, adding that they obviously weren’t.