While previously a group of teenagers were facing no Charges for taking a video of them mocking and laughing while a man drowned in a Cocoa Beach pond, it seems they are not so lucky. Police have now said the teens could face charges for the uncaring and highly disturbing incident.

Teenagers may face charges for filming drowning man

On July 9, five teenagers, aged between 14 and 18 years, watched and filmed as a disabled man, Jamel Dunn, 32, drowned in a pond. As Dunn yelled out for help, the teens laughed and mocked him, not bothering to call 911 and letting the man die.

According to authorities, when they took the teenagers in for questioning, they didn’t appear to feel guilty about the fact that they let Dunn drown. Cocoa Police Chief Michael Canteloupe said he wants to believe there is a natural instinct for anyone who sees someone in trouble to help or at least makes an attempt to get help.

As noted by the New York Daily News, while initially, police said they couldn’t lay charges against the teen, as they did not directly drown Dunn, and under Florida law, no one is legally obliged to dive in to save someone. However, Cocoa Beach Police are now planning to file misdemeanor charges against the teenagers under a law mandating that anyone who is aware of the death of someone must report it to police.

Canteloupe said the charges were sent to the State Attorney’s Office and they are awaiting a response.

‘Very disturbing’ incident as teens watched man die

Describing the incident as being “very disturbing,” CNN quotes Canteloupe as believing if they can press charges against the five teenagers, it would be a win and would achieve some justice, adding they don’t want another family to be forced to go through what Dunn’s family has had to go through.

He added that regardless of the circumstances that caused Dunn to walk into the pond that day, the teenagers’ actions have “absolutely no justification.”

Teens watch as Dunn enters the water then film him as he drowns

The incident happened on July 9, when Dunn, who walks with a cane, had an argument with his fiancée, Dondanielle Williams.

Williams then left to run a few errands, while Dunn chose to walk into the pond. The teenagers spotted Dunn and started mocking him, telling him he was going to drown. When his head finally went under the water, one teen could be heard saying he had just died. At no time did the teens try to help Dunn, either physically or by calling 911 to report the incident.

The video taken by the teenagers is included here but readers are warned of some strong language. The footage may also be upsetting to sensitive viewers.

After Williams hadn’t returned home for three days, on July 12 Williams filed a missing person report. Two days later, Dunn’s body was found in the pond.