On Wednesday, U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis sent a strong warning to Pyongyang, telling the regime that it should end any provocation that would lead to the destruction of the lives of its people and the end to its most revered regime.

The latest warning by Mattis is the strongest he has issued on the North Korean regime. On Tuesday President Trump issued rhetoric, warning Pyongyang that its threats to the U.S. will be confronted with fire and fury.

Trump’s rhetoric and North Korean threat

North Korea swiftly responded to Trump’s comments by saying it was studying plans for a nuclear attack on the U.S.

military base of Guam to teach the United States a lesson.

In a statement, Mattis boasted that the US and its allies would defeat North Korea in any arms conflict.

The US Secretary of Defense said the DPRK must desist from isolating itself and put an end to its nuclear weapons program. He added that Pyongyang should end any examination of actions that would be catastrophic and lead to the destruction of its population and the end of its regime.

The rhetoric and escalation of tension made investors to shy away from stock and other high-risk assets on Wednesday.

Tension on the Korean Peninsula has heightened after North Korea successfully launched two intercontinental ballistic missiles in the month of July which prompted condemnation from world leaders and the latest U.N.

sanctions unanimously voted by the 15 member Security Council. President Trump vowed Washington will not allow Pyongyang acquire ballistic missiles capable of striking the U.S.

Trump on Wednesday continued with his rhetoric by boasting about the United States nuclear prowess.

Trump boasts U.S. military might

Trump said his first priority as President was to reinvigorate and modernize the U.S.

nuclear arsenal which is now by far stronger and powerful than when he met it. He added that the United States hopes not to use this power, but that the U.S. military might never be matched anywhere in the world.

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had earlier visited Guam and downplayed the threat by North Korea. He told reporters that there was no imminent threat from Pyongyang and Americans should rest their minds.

Pyongyang announced on Wednesday that it was considering a plan to attack Guam which houses U.S. military arsenal that includes a Coast Guard Group, a submarine squadron and an airbase. The tiny Pacific island has a population of about 163,000 people.