Harriette Hoyt, 17, has been charged with attempted murder after leaving her eight-month-old baby in a Plastic Bag outside a home in Elmira, NY. Miraculously, the baby was still alive, despite being dumped three days before.

Neighbors heard what they thought was an animal in distress

According to a report by WENY-TV, Elmira police say two sisters heard what they thought was a cat or a dog crying outside on Tuesday afternoon. When they went to investigate, they found the eight-month-old baby inside a plastic bag with her legs sticking out. According to one of the neighbors, the baby was covered in waste and was filthy.

They took the infant out of the plastic bag and called 911. While they waited for the police and emergency services to arrive, they cared for the baby and cleaned her up.

Abandoned infant taken for medical evaluation

When the emergency crews arrived, the baby was taken to a local hospital for treatment and evaluation. Despite the fact that the infant girl was stable, they took the baby to an out-of-town hospital for a more thorough evaluation.

It was Kayla and Karen Seals, sisters living in the neighborhood, that found the baby in a bush in the backyard of a home, where, according to the Star-Gazette of Elmira, the teenager abandoned her over the weekend.

Karen told WENY that her sister walked off the porch and went around the side of the house to the neighbor’s backyard, believing it to be an animal in distress.

As Kayla Seals walked up to an object lying on the ground she realized it was a baby inside a plastic bag. She said the baby’s legs were hanging out of the bag, but her head was right inside, with the bag covering her all the way.

Reports didn’t state how police connected the baby to Hoyt, but the teenager was arrested later on Tuesday and is facing charges of attempted murder. According to police, Hoy is a resident of Sayre, Pennsylvania, around 20 miles from Elmira -- on the border with New York.

Police praised the baby’s rescuers

Elmira Police Sgt.

William Solt praised the two sisters for their actions in immediately contacting authorities and taking the baby inside. Calling them the true heroes in the situation, he said it was heroic of them to render aid to the baby, cleaning her up as quickly as they could and doing whatever else was necessary for the baby until the emergency crews arrived.

As of Wednesday, Hoyt is being held in Chemung County Jail and is set to appear in court on Monday. If convicted of attempted murder, the teenager could face a sentence of up to 25 years behind bars.