Despite clear racist overtones at the White Nationalists’ rally in Charlottesville, President Donald Trump steered clear of condemning the Alt-Rights, infuriating many including the host of the popular show – Late Night with Seth Meyers.

The largest ever white nationalists’ rally saw participation from former KKK members, White Supremacists militia who appeared with rifles and handguns, racists, Neo Nazis and individuals who simply wanted to protest against the removal of Robert E Lee’s statue.

On holding the Alt-lefts equally responsible for the violent clashes

The groups of counter-protesters that included local residents, college students and anti-fascists had one agenda – not tolerating anti-immigrant, anti-Semitic and racist ideologies in their peaceful neighborhood. They used paint and bottles, while both sides used pepper sprays.

The clashes did not end here. A car plowed into a crowd opposing the rally, injuring 19 and killing one. This was followed by The Governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe, declaring a state of emergency and communicating a strong message to the White Supremacists – “Go home!”

What caused Seth Meyers’ to react is Trump’s blatant denial of the disharmony created by the Alt-Rights and his nonchalant announcement that both sides had a mix of peaceful people and trouble makers, and that both were to be equally blamed for the clashes.

Declaring Trump’s press conference as clinically insane, Meyers went on to insist that President Trump might actually have all the side effects mentioned in the pharmaceutical adverts.

Removing statues – the end or the beginning of the racial issues

With the growing support for anti-immigration, anti-Semitic policies, the removal of Robert E Lee’s statue, the commander of the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia, became a national platform for White Supremacists all across the United States of America to come together with one motto “Unite the Right.”

However, Trump in the press conference questioned whether removing statues of former Confederacy leaders and pro-slave leaders was a permanent solution in the first place.

He asked whether they were planning the removal of statues of other leaders such as Stonewall Jackson or George Washington. He insisted that the hate crimes and violence in the name of racial discrimination must end sooner than later.

On this, Seth Meyers suggested that Trump’s reign over the USA must end sooner than later and that the people have been waiting for its end to come since he was elected.

He mentioned that under the Trump administration, the nation might have to gear up for some testing times and that even Batman may not be able to save the people beyond a point.

Seth Meyers concluded the show by comparing Donald Trump to a waitress trying to get fired so she can attend a concert instead and encouraged the Congress to impeach Donald Trump, echoing the frustration of millions of Americans.