On August 23, Samsung will launch its newest smartphone on the line. In line with this, the company released an official teaser video showing what the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 is all about.

In the video posted on YouTube, the company relayed the message of “doing bigger things” with the release of the new Galaxy Note 8. It included a hashtag that reads “Do What You Can’t,” among many other messages on the video.

As the teaser played, a stylus-like graphics crossed out the words “talk,” “step,” “update,” “closed,” and “follow,” to replace them with “act,” “leap,” “innovate,” “open,” and “lead.” Samsung also suggested that users can do the impossible, and experience bigger things with their new smartphone unit that is coming to stores soon.

Stylus makes it bigger than its predecessors

Reports described the teaser video sending out cryptic messages to consumers.

An article on Forbes stated that Galaxy Note 8 would definitely be bigger than the S8 unit because of the presence of the stylus.

“Having the stylus means the Galaxy Note 8 will be more angular, taller and wider,” Gordon Kelly wrote. The report added that the company seemed to be repeating history by adapting the design of the upcoming smartphone from the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus models. This series has reportedly been dubbed as a trendy mobile device, as the company sets the bar higher competing with companies such as Apple.

Launch date of Note 8

It has been said that the launch date of the new Samsung device is happening in New York on August 23. The Verge discussed some of the things that consumers and fans should expect.

The launch event of the company a few days from now is a more private, by-invite gathering of important people in the industry. The article stated that the device would adapt the design from previous models, such as the state-of-the-art Infinity Display. A dual camera option with two 12-megapixel sensors is also expected to be revealed during the event.

There will also be upgrades such as the improvements on battery issues and technical glitches from previous units.

The Verge also noted that details about the appearance of the Note 8 during the unpacked event are still not complete. There are also rumors that say that the device will be available to the public in the days after the slated gathering this August. Nevertheless, the teaser video hyped the fans even more as the release date fast approaches.