On Saturday morning, North Korea launched the three short- range ballistic missiles near Kittaeryong in the east of the DPRK, Bloomberg reported. This new Kim Jong Un’s action has highly criticized the joined military drills between the US and South Korea.

North Korea compelled Tillerson's statement

According to the U.S. Pacific Command, Kim launched first two missiles on Saturday afternoon, which traveled 155 miles but failed during the flight, and another missile burst quickly. The first missile was fired at 6:49 a.m. U.S. military authorities admitted that these launches did not show any danger for the northern part of America or Guam.

Rex Tillerson, the U.S. Secretary of State, admired North Korea for having some halt on its missiles test, but shortly after, they carried out their next missiles launch. The recent missile launches violated the resolutions of the United Nations, although short-range ones are less provocative than ICBM missiles which have a potential to hit the US mainland.

Ralph Cossa, the senior editor of the Forum’s quarterly electronic journal, said that "the North felt compelled to do something after Tillerson’s statement about them showing restraint."

South Korea, Japan and the US, warned Kim for threatening the US Pacific territory of Guam

The U.S. and its allies had given a warning to North Korea earlier this month that they would strongly respond to a missile launch threat to Guam, the island on the U.S.

territory with about 700 000 citizens. On August 12, Japan deployed four missile interceptors in Kochi, Hiroshima, and Shimane, which would intercept the small intercontinental ballistic missile along that path of Guam and destroy them.

Kim's regime has carried out many missiles program this year, including two long-range ballistic ones, that could start a nuclear war between the U.S.

and North Korea. For some weeks, Kim has been silent, and on Tuesday Trump said that the DPRK leader respects the U.S. now. Donald Trump was informed about the recent missiles tests, and Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the American secretary, said that "We are monitoring the situation."

South Korea is tensed about Kim's nonstop missiles test.

In Berlin, President Moon announced that he wanted to meet the DPRK leader anytime. He pledged to solve the tensions on the peninsula. North Korea denied to give up its missile program until the sanctions imposed on Pyongyang by the United National Council will not be removed.