The Longest Flight in the world could soon be an option for travelers if a new report by Bloomberg is to be believed. Australian airline Qantas is in the process of running a non-stop service from Sydney to either London or New York. The flights to New York are expected to be 18 hours long and, according to the report, the advances in technology have made it possible for Qantas to start making plans for something that they had been contemplating for quite a while.

A long-term dream

The ultimate dream of business travelers in Australia is to get to New York or London without any stops but that had never been a possibility for a variety of reasons.

Commercial air crafts do not have the range required to fly such long distances without a stopover. However, Australian airline Qantas is planning to launch direct flights from Sydney to London and New York in the near future, according to a Bloomberg report. Direct flights to these two cities have been a long term dream of the powers that be at Qantas and due to the advancements in technology, it could soon turn into a reality.

Airbus and Boeing are in the process of developing two air crafts that could have the required range to fly to those two cities without pit stops and Qantas is keen to take advantage of this development. According to the Bloomberg report, these air crafts could complete the journey from Sydney to London in 20 hours and 20 minutes, while the flight to New York is expected to be 18 hours long.

Some issues remain

Qantas has stated that both those planes can get close to completing those flights without pit stops and hence the CEO of Qantas Alan Joyce issued a challenge to both aircraft makers to boost the range of their advanced air crafts. Airbus, which is going to roll out the advanced A350-900 ULR next year, responded to the challenge by stating that the company is looking forward to working with Qantas.

The company said, “We’ll have the A350-900 ULR in service next year for ultra-long range flights of up to 20 hours. We’ll look forward to working with Qantas to see how we can meet its requirements for Sydney-London non-stop.” Boeing, however, did not make any promises and instead chose to speak about the efficiency of their advanced model 777X.

A non-stop flight will be able to reduce the travel time from Sydney to London by four hours, while the travel time to New York will be reduced by three hours. Needless to say, it will certainly be a huge breakthrough for Qantas and for business travelers.