Who is ready to be a millionaire - 500 times over? Tonight’s Powerball Results could help someone head into instant retirement! Yes, no matter how much you owe the bill collectors of the world, if you are lucky enough to match all six numbers in tonight’s Powerball drawing, you could go from the outhouse to the penthouse, literally.

Saturday's Powerball jackpot

The Powerball jackpot winning results for tonight's drawing is currently worth $535 million big ones, and could get even bigger before the drawing takes place this evening. If no one wins tonight, the jackpot will continue to rise and could reach $600 million by the next drawing.

Now, if you don’t match all six numbers in tonight’s Powerball drawing, you may want to check your ticket to see if you won another prize. Once people hear that no one hit the big jackpot, they have a tendency to throw their tickets out. Don’t let that be you! Make sure you double and triple check your tickets before you tear them up.

Hang onto your Powerball ticket

While no one hit the big Powerball jackpot in the last drawing, over 2.5 million players cashed in winning tickets, including one $2 million dollar winner and two $1 million dollar winners. The $2 million winner hails from the state of Texas, while one million dollar winning ticket was sold in Florida and the other in California. In case you missed it, the winning numbers from the August 16 drawing were 9, 15, 43, 60, 64 and the Powerball was 4.

How to watch live

The Powerball drawing will take place on Saturday, August 19 at 10:59 p.m. ET and will be broadcast on a number of local television stations across the US. The list of stations is quite long, so to see if your city is on the list, be sure to go to the Powerball website and click on the “where to play” tab.

You can also watch the Powerball results via live stream through your PC, smartphone or tablet by downloading the WNEM app.

The CBS station out of Saginaw, Michigan will air the results as they happen via the free mobile app. If you can’t watch the results live, be sure to check back here after the drawing takes place. Tonight's winning Powerball numbers will be posted in the comments section below shortly after 11 p.m. ET.

The odds of winning tonight’s Powerball are 1 in 292,201,338, it may be worth spending a few bucks and taking a chance that you may be that lucky one. After all, someone is going to eventually win, and who knows, that someone could be you.