The number of personal lawyers around President Trump is currently set to four, not including Mark Corallo -- who resigned last Thursday -- or the White House Counsel Don McGahn. One of those lawyers is Jay Sekulow, who -- along with the new communications director Anthony Scaramucci -- is part of the rotation that defends the President.

Blocking Mueller from getting too close to incriminating evidence

The team has been preparing to take on special prosecutor Robert Mueller for his investigation into Trump's possible collusion with Russian officials.

Over recent weeks, Sekulow has come out to defend the administration over reports of Donald Trump Jr. meeting with a Kremlin lawyer last year. In a more recent interview, Sekulow promised to complain to Mueller directly if he feels that the special prosecutor is drifting from his initial focus of the investigation.

To be clear, Trump's legal team have established themselves as rivals against Mueller as its been reported that the legal team is working to undermine the former FBI Director. One of the ways Trump's lawyers intend to do this is to draw boundaries over what he can or cannot investigate. Over recent weeks, President Trump learned that the special prosecutor would be able to access his tax returns, and, according to White House sources, the President was fuming when he learned about it.

Mueller accessing Trump's financial history

In an article by the Washington Post titled: "Trump team seeks to control, block Mueller's Russia investigation," an advisor close to the President said that investigating Trump's tax returns would have nothing to do with the investigation. He was reportedly also outraged by the fact that the former FBI Director could scrutinize years of Trump's deal-making.

Sekulow made no secret of the legal counsel's intentions against Robert Mueller to make sure that he stays within his assignment.

Sekulow said that any focus by the Special Prosecutor on previous negotiations and deals that Trump was involved in before he campaigned, had nothing to do with the investigation. Sekulow said that he would object directly to Robert Mueller if he went too far.

The White House lawyer referred to reports of Donald Trump selling a Palm Beach mansion to a Russian oligarch back in 2008 as an example.

According to Trump, the issue is now over the power that Mueller has to retrieve information that the President doesn't want him to have. Especially interesting is the fact that the White House team believes they can continue to make obvious gestures toward obstructing justice as if there is no criminal investigation on the President. This would appear to be the case, as Sekulow himself has said repeatedly that the President was not under investigation.