The FBI's raids on Paul Manafort's Virginia home last month appear to be the first reports of special prosecutor Robert Mueller's criminal probe on the Trump-Russia investigation beginning to move in. Despite the denials from Trump's attorneys that there is no investigation on Donald Trump, it's been reported that Mueller's investigation is indeed over Trump as the President said in his interview with the New York Times that he would draw a line at the prosecutor looking at this financial records.

Subpoenas sent to companies with Manafort connections

In recent weeks, Muller has convened a grand jury for the investigation and according to Bloomberg's article titled: "With bank subpoenas, Mueller turn up the heat on Manafort", it appears that Manafort is the grand jury's first target. It was reported that subpoenas had been sent to global banks and other areas for the former Trump campaign official's account information. Their report also says that Manafort's long-time business partner Rick Gates is also included.

The subpoenas reach into Manafort's companies, his business associates, members of his family and even a Ukrainian oligarch, Oleg V. Deripaska. Overall, there is no doubt that the political foreign agent is already being dragged deeper into the investigation.

It's already been reported since Manafort was in Trump's campaign as manager that he had a history of working with former pro-Putin President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych.

Manafort's involvement in the investigation

When it was learned last year that he accepted foreign payment when fleeing from the Ukraine after it fell to a new government, he left the Trump campaign.

But not before he already had a hand in changing Republican Party views of arming Ukraine's against Russian aggression. It's also been reported that much of the investigation has been centered around Manafort as with recent news, he continues to remain a person of interest.

The recent developments of the investigation spurred more interest when the New York Times reported that Donald Trump Jr.

had a meeting with a Kremlin lawyer in June of last year. After this it was also reported that it got the interest of Mueller's investigation when his team sent a request to the White House that they hold onto all information related to the meeting. It was around this time that it was also reported that President Trump was involved in dictating Trump Jr's initial statement on the meeting to the press.

As soon as the report came out, his eldest son -- Trump Jr. -- said that their meeting was over adoption programs. Over the following days, however, it was learned that the meeting was to get damaging information against their rival candidate Hillary Clinton that was offered by the Russian government. Along with Jared Kushner, it was reported that Paul Manafort was also present at that meeting.