20-year-old Michelle Carter was sentenced to 15 months in prison just yesterday for her role in the suicide of her boyfriend, Conrad Roy III. However, Miss Carter won't actually be going to prison immediately. Instead, the young woman will be going through an appeal process in order to revoke her sentencing and her guilty verdict, and she has been allowed to stay at her home in Massachusetts until the process is done. This has outraged many who followed the story closely, including the family members of Conrad Roy III.

Michelle's defense

Many felt that Michelle being found guilty of involuntary manslaughter was a slight on freedom of speech in the United States, one of rights many Americans hold dear.

However, as time and technology change, the laws are bound to do so as well. Many stated that this meant that many other children (Michelle was 17 at the time of the crime) could also be charged with involuntary manslaughter if they bully other teenagers and they eventually kill themselves. This, they say, could lead down a slippery road where children are forced to pay an extreme price for something that many children have participated in for centuries.

A psychiatrist also spoke out in Michelle Carter's defense, saying that Michelle had been taking antidepressants, which made it difficult for her to empathize with other people. Thus, her judgement was clouded and she should not be found guilty of involuntary manslaughter.

However, the judge and jury did not find this an acceptable excuse, and she was still found guilty.

Conrad Roy III's family responds

Conrad Roy III's family has spoken out about Michelle's ability to remain free until the appeal process is done. The family is outraged that Michelle is allowed to be free until she gets a second chance, and that if the appeal works out in her favor, she may never even have to go to prison.

The family thinks that the sentence of two years is too light anyway, and that she should be locked up for the rest of her life. They reason that she helped take away their family member, and therefore it is unfair to allow her to be free while she waits for further deliberation and sentencing.

Prior to this sentencing, Michelle Carter was seen getting a tan and beautifying herself.

Some say this was her last ditch effort before prison to try and make herself look good. But now, the young woman has a lot of time to continue her beauty routine, or whatever else she decides to do.