Michelle Carter is a 20-year-old woman who encouraged her boyfriend Conrad Roy to kill himself back in the year 2014. Conrad went through with the suicide, and subsequently, his family brought the case to the court stating that their son would not have gone through with it if Michelle had not encouraged him to. Carter has been sentenced to over a year in prison and will be facing additional years of probation.

Conrad Roy committed suicide

According to the BBC, Conrad Roy was only 17-years-old when he committed suicide back in the year 2014. Roy was found in a vehicle where he had killed himself by means of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Conrad Roy was seeing Michelle Carter at the time, and the pair had made their relationship official.

Speaking about the tragedy Conrad's father revealed that his son had been struggling with depression for some time, but that the family believed Conrad was over the worst of it. They had no idea that Conrad was having suicidal thoughts or that Michelle Carter would encourage their son to commit suicide.

Conrad's mother did not appear in court. However, she left a statement to be read out on her behalf stating that there is not a day when she does not think about her little boy. Conrad's sister expressed her grief at the knowledge that she would never get to see her brother married or have a family of his own.

Michelle's lawyers state that she has mental health issues

According to the BBC, Michelle Carter had a huge part to play in the suicide of her boyfriend Conrad Roy back in 2014. She sent her boyfriend a series of texts encouraging him to commit suicide. These texts were presented to the court as evidence against Michelle, stating that she was responsible for the death of her boyfriend.

In a report by the Daily Mail, the content of these texts messages was revealed and read that Conrad should simply kill himself by any means necessary. Michelle even went as far as to suggest different means that her boyfriend could achieve this, stating that he could stab himself or jump from something tall.

Carter's legal team stated on behalf of their client that Michelle has severe mental health issues and sentencing her to prison wouold not help the 20-year-old in the slightest.

The lawyers also pointed out that Conrad Roy was also dealing with mental health issues at the time of his suicide and that there is no evidence suggesting that he would not have killed himself without Michelle's encouragement.

A decision was made in the court about the fate of 20-year-old Michelle Carter, and the judge ruled that she would spend 15 months behind bars for her actions. The additional two years of her sentence in jail have been suspended, but she will have a further 5 years of probation to face once she leaves prison.