The wife of United States President, Donald Trump, chose to stay fashionable even while meeting with the victims of the recent tragedy in Texas. Melania Trump was wearing high heels when she came to Houston on Wednesday to survey the damage of Hurricane Harvey.

The First Lady of the United States was seen wearing a pair of snakeskin stiletto pumps as she boarded the presidential aircraft. Photos shared on social media showed Melania wearing a black top and black pants, and sporting a brown jacket. She was standing beside her husband Trump, who wore a casual ensemble with a black jacket.

This appearance by the First Lady, amid the tragedy that has left several people with damaged houses and properties, sparked several negative reactions online. They pointed out that wearing such luxurious and stylish footwear was not necessary when visiting places that have been rampaged by massive flooding. According to a report by Harper’s Bazaar, they said that wearing such fashionable accessories was insensitive as she was there to meet people who just lost their homes and loved ones.

Twitter reacts

Netizen Zerlina Maxwell wrote, “I would normally not comment on Melania’s shoes, but I am not sure if this is what you wear when meeting people who have lost their belongings.”

Meanwhile, Zach Braff shared his opinion through a joke.

He posted on Twitter, “Melania went to a disaster zone in stilettos is my Halloween costume.” Another user commented that she did not care what shoes she wore to a disaster zone, “because she thinks she can "FLOATUS”

“I am concerned by Melania’s shoe choice. The chances of slipping are astronomical. I hope the unpaid interns of the Secret Service are prepared,” Eve Peyser wrote about the First Lady’s appearance in Houston, Texas.

Change outfit

Harper’s Bazaar reported that Melania quickly responded to the comments and decided to change from her stilettos to a pair of Adidas sneakers.

While aboard the aircraft, she added a white windbreaker to her outfit and went on to perform her duties. In a photo shared online, she was seen meeting with Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

Hurricane Harvey was described as the worst storm that has hit the United States in 12 years. It caused widespread damage and torrential rainfall along the Texas coastline, Telegraph reported. The hurricane made a landfall on Friday night, bearing winds at 130mph as it damaged trees, destroyed houses, and claimed lives.

It prompted the U.S.president to issue a disaster proclamation because of the extent of the damage, the report added.