Daily Stormer founder Andrew Anglin made a disparaging remark about Heather Heyer on Sunday, the victim in Saturday's brutal attack in Charlottesville, Va., leading to Godaddy, the domain registrar for his blog, telling him to find a new home. In the meanwhile, the website was allegedly hacked by the Anonymous hacktivist group, who deny responsibility.

Disparaging remark about Heather Heyer

After complaints about Anglin’s post hit social media, a spokesman for domain registrar GoDaddy Inc. said in a statement that the Daily Stormer had violated the company’s terms of service by slandering Heyer, calling her “childless” and “fat.” Heyer was killed when James Alex Fields Jr., 20, plowed his car through a crowd of people in a narrow street in Charlottesville, injuring a further 20 people.

Dan Race said in an email statement to the New York Daily News that especially as that article came in the wake of a violent attack, GoDaddy believes content of this nature could incite more violence, which he said violates their acceptable use policy. As reported by TechCrunch, the Daily Stormer blog has dubbed itself “The World’s Most Genocidal Republican Website.”

24 hours to move hate-filled blog

GoDaddy gave the Daily Stormer a 24 hour window to move their blog's domain. When they remove Anglin’s account, the domain dailystormer.com will then have to seek another internet provider willing to host it.

According to Race, their company only provides the domain registration and does not host the Daily Stormer’s white-supremacist content.

However shortly after notice was given to the Daily Stormer, a hack occurred on the website, allegedly linked to Anonymous.

A note posted on the home page said the website had been seized in retribution for the disrespect shown to Heyer by the neo-Nazi blog. The message claimed that the website was now under the control of the hacktivist group, adding that Andrew Anglin and the Daily Stormer had “spewed their putrid hate” for too long and that it would now cease.

However, no mention of the fact that GoDaddy had already threatened to drop Daily Stormer was made.

Anonymous deny Daily Stormer hack

The Anonymous hacktivist group has denied the hack, pointing out that even after that alleged hack, the offending message about Heyer was still prominently featured on the blog. According to sources related to the hactivists, their members would not have allowed the incriminating text to continue on the website if they were responsible for the hack. Two Twitter accounts associated with Anonymous have already stated they believe Anglin was behind the hacking stunt in an effort to implicate Anonymous.

GoDaddy is not alone in refusing to do business with Anglin. According to a report by ProPublica back in May, Google, Coinbase and Paypal have already a dropped the hate site and its founder.