A 10-year-old Sulphur, Louisiana boy will have a special bond with his Baby Brother after he helped his mother give birth and saved both of their lives. Both mother and baby are doing well.

Mother unexpectedly goes into labor

Ashly Moreau was 34-weeks pregnant when she unexpectedly went into labor on August 11. According to a report by TODAY, Moreau was in the bathroom when her water broke and her baby boy was in breech position. Moreau said she could feel the baby’s feet hanging out of her and that the feet were purple in color.

Her son, Jayden Fontenot, came to the rescue.

On seeing his mother’s plight he ran next door to his grandmother’s house, who then called the police. However, reportedly police could not assist with the birth over the phone. Jayden then ran back to his home to help his mother as she lay on the bathroom floor, bleeding profusely. Doctors later said the bleeding was caused by the placenta detaching from the wall of the uterus.

The baby boy was trying his best to come into the world, but Jayden soon realized the infant wasn’t breathing. Moreau told KPLC that he arrived in the bathroom, taking a deep breath and asking his mother what he needed to do. She said Jayden didn’t look at all scared and was “calm and brave.” She told him he needed to get his baby brother out by the legs as quickly as possible, because he was in breech and couldn’t breathe.

Jayden grabs a nasal aspirator to save his baby brother

According to Moreau, she was crying but tried her best to be calm, adding that her son was very calm, which inspired her.

However she could see Jayden was scared, but knew what he had to do. The 10-year-old boy managed to move his baby brother from the breech position and pulled him out.

After the baby was born, Jayden ran and grabbed a nasal aspirator belonging to his 11-month-old sister, and used it to save his brother’s life by clearing the baby’s nose and helping him to breathe.

Soon afterwards the emergency medical technicians arrived at the home, transporting Moreau and the newborn baby to hospital where they both soon recovered.

Boy will have an amazing story to tell his little brother one day

Moreau went on to tell TODAY that she is so proud of her son Jayden and that he saved their lives, adding she told her son he will always have a special bond with his brother. As noted in that report, when baby Daxx is old enough to understand, his brother Jayden will be able to tell him the amazing story that he had saved his life on the day he was born.