As Donald Trump and Melania Trump made their way to Texas on Tuesday in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, the first couple were criticized on social media for a variety of reasons. As expected, Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway quickly came to their defense, but was also on the receiving end of some heavy backlash.

Conway's defense

Over the last year, Kellyanne Conway has gone from little known veteran Republican pollster to a household name who defends Donald Trump ad nauseam. After former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort was forced to resign once his financial link to Russia was made public, the former host of "The Apprentice" brought Conway on board as his replacement.

In the months that followed, Conway would make a name for herself by clashing with several cable news hosts, even when her talking points were clearly debunked with factual evidence. Following Trump's election win over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, Conway was brought to the White House as the president's special counsel. Despite this, Conway has had her fair share of negative attention, most notably her use of the term "alternative facts" to describe Trump's falsehoods. After the destruction of Hurricane Harvey this weekend in Texas, the president and first lady made their way to the state, with Conway quick to defend them during a August 31 interview on Fox News.

Joining the hosts of "Fox & Friends" on Fox News, Kellyanne Conway was pressed about the criticism the first couple received, including Melania Trump wearing stilettos to a flood zone.

"Predictable," Conway said of the aforementioned backlash. " We saw what was in the president and the first lady’s hearts that day, not what was on their feet," she continued.

"It's suggested to me that the left is really worried that the president is successfully showing leadership, and compassion, and empathy, and resolve, and action," Kellyanne Conway went on to say.

"It was predictable," Conway said, before adding, "by the way, she didn't wear those shoes down in Texas. She wore them onto the plane." Conway continued, before ripping into "the feminists" for "having judgement end on end."

Twitter reacts

Not long after Kellyanne Conway made her comments on Fox News, social media critics of Donald Trump were quick to respond.

"What was in his heart that day was a photo op," one Twitter user wrote.

"They tried to sell hats for profit, did NO work & didn't meet w/ one victim. Photo-op was in their black hearts, nothing more," an additional tweet noted.

"It's funny we can't make mention of the first ladies shoe wear but a tan suit will set their hair on fire. Who knew," another social media user pointed out in reference to conservative outrage over a tan suit once worn by former President Barack Obama.

"Did you see that Drumpf did NOT visit any impacted sights but claimed he did?

He commented on crowd size and not victims. Sold swag = hat," one tweet read. "Very true, selling hats and bragging about crowd size, again. He is a disgrace and I, for one, cannot wait until I see him behind bars," another comment added. As the backlash continued it was made clear that the rift between Donald Trump and his critics was not going to end at any point in the near future.