More than half Chimpanzees in the Ivory Coast is dead due to a strange type of Anthrax. The threat hangs over the all the Chimpanzees present in that area. Many experts are assuming that the anthrax is strong enough to completely wipe out the whole population of Chimpanzees in that area. In fact, it can cause major damages to other animals as well, who live in that area. In fact, animals of some different species are under serious life threat due to this strange Hybrid strain of Anthrax.

What is the current condition?

In a recent report, the Ivorian Animal Health Insitute has acknowledged that about 40 percent animals in the national forest of Ivory Coast have died due to mysterious anthrax.

Therefore, it can be figured out that the numbers are a bit significant and at the same time, largely alarming as well.

The first trace

Though the sign of this unknown anthrax is not something which is fairly new. In fact, scientists discovered the first signs of this bacteria back in 2004. Then at that time also the bacteria affected the life of quite a few Chimpanzees. The group of scientists raised a concern about it but it was never something which can turn out as a serious affair. However, now it looks like, it has turned into a serious affair as the life of Chimpanzees in the national park of ivory Coast is under serious threat.

Though back in 2004, this anthrax didn't seem that much concerning just like the recent time.

However, there is a possible reason for it. Scientists have figured out that the anthrax bacteria has mutated it self in a more complicated manner. That is why dealing with this anthrax has become one of the major concerns for the officials of the Ivory Coast forest department.

Dealing with the problem

Scientists have also found that the hybrid of the bacteria is very difficult to deal with.

Therefore this bacteria can be a serious threat to gorillas and elephants. In fact, there is a good chance that the bacteria can spread to the neighbouring countries like Cameroon as well. Therefore, it can be a serious threat to the wild life of Cameroon as well. Hence it can be easily figured out how dangerous the bacteria can be for the wild life in these African countries.

The serious thing is, these bacteria also can affect the human life as well. If there is any human comes in a touch of this bacteria, then there is a good chance that the human will be affected seriously. Therefore, from these things, it can be easily estimated how dangerous this virus can be. It is expected that scientists will find the solution very soon in order to control the disease.