The Washington Examiner reported that Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill attended a special screening of “Wonder Woman” in New York this weekend. The former United States secretary of state reportedly watched “Wonder Woman” for the first time, since the movie opened in cinemas several weeks ago.

According to the report, Hillary and Bill Clinton were treated to the special screening of the movie on Saturday that was hosted by the movie theater chain in Brooklyn. Movie theater chain Alamo Drafthouse reportedly contacted Hillary Clinton on social media, when they learned that she had not seen “Wonder Woman,” a movie about a female superhero.

The former First Lady was generous enough to say "yes" to the offer. The movie house’s spokesperson Mike Sampson said that Clinton read the tweet and “asked if the offer still stood.” He added that their team was delighted to put up a private screening with a guest list that included Hillary and her husband Bill.

“We were obviously thrilled to invite them as guests to our theater and they are also invited to come back any time in the future,” Sampson said in the report.

‘Wonder Woman’

Blockbuster hit movie “Wonder Woman” opened in theaters in June and is still being shown. The movie told the origin story of Diana from her home planet until she reached Earth. Diana is the alter-ego of Wonder Woman.

The movie stars former Miss Israel Gal Gadot in the title role, and actor Chris Pine.

According to Mashable, “Wonder Woman” has earned almost $400 million. The film has been up for nine full weeks, reportedly making $7.5 million in the eighth week and $5.5 million on the ninth week.

Hillary as a preacher?

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton reportedly looks to move forward to her next chapter through religious preaching.

A separate report on The Atlantic stated that Hillary told her longtime pastor that she wanted to preach. After losing two presidential campaigns, she reportedly now works toward rebuilding her public image, and religion is a huge part of this venture.

“After several months of struggling to convince Americans that she is trustworthy, moral and authentic, Clinton is lifting up an intimate, closely guarded part of herself,” the report stated.

“There are no more voters left to lose. Through sharing her belief, perhaps Clinton sees that there is something left to win.”

She lost two presidential campaigns, giving way to former President Barack Obama and incumbent president Donald Trump.