A Grandmother thought she dropped her granddaughter off at a daycare center before she went to work but authorities believe she forgot to do so. The four-month-old Baby Girl was found dead inside the vehicle of the grandmother.

In a report by KFOR, the grandmother was supposed to take her granddaughter at Apple Creek Learning Center located in Luther. When the Luther Fire Department officials were called at the Daycare Center at around 5:30 p.m., they pronounced the baby dead at the scene.

Grandmother distraught over death of baby

The grandmother went to her work in Oklahoma City when she thought that she dropped her granddaughter at the center.

She is from Wellston and had full custody of the four-month-old baby girl. Mark Opgrande, a sheriff’s office spokesman, said that the child was inside the vehicle the whole time the grandmother was working. Accordingly, after her shift ended, she drove back to Apple Creek Learning Center but found that the baby was not there.

The staff at the daycare center informed her that she did not drop the four-month-old baby off. The grandmother still tried to look for the baby inside, and when she could not find her there, she went back out and went to the vehicle, where they found the body of the child.

The grandmother is being questioned and is working with authorities. She is reportedly very distraught.

The owner of Apple Creek Learning Center took to their Facebook page to ask people to pray for the affected family.

Man, woman arrived at the scene

Several hours after police found the deceased baby, a man and a woman, who were not identified but are possibly the parents of the four-month-old child, went to the scene and tried to get closer to the vehicle.

Authorities did not allow them to do so. It is unclear why the grandmother of the deceased baby has full custody over her.

Opgrande reminds parents, guardians to take extra precaution

News 9 reported that Opgrande said in a statement that parents and guardians should understand that it is hot outside and children dying from hot car incidents do happen although they are not supposed to take place.

He encouraged everyone to take extra care in order to avoid things like this. He noted that parents and guardians should know where their children are whatever the time of the year is especially during summer.

The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the death of the baby. It remains unknown if charges will be filed against the grandmother.