A Florida woman was arrested on Tuesday, August 15, after she was spotted snorting cocaine in the parent pickup line of a school. The woman - 39-year-old Christina Hester - was spotted doing drugs by a resource officer at the Fort Myers middle school. Soon after the woman was spotted doing drugs, law enforcement officials were alerted to the incident.

Woman spotted taking drugs inside school premises

According to an NBC report Hester, a resident of Fort Myers, was spotted sitting inside her car by a School Resource Officer. The officer was standing near a window on the second floor of the school building.

He saw the woman pull out her credit card to separate a white powdery substance on the back of her phone case. The officer reported that he also saw the woman take out a straw and use it to snort the white powdery substance.

After observing the irresponsible act, the school resource officer - who also works as a deputy for the Lee County Sheriff - apprehended the woman and asked her to come and wait in his office until the children had left the school, Fox News reported. It was then that the SRO conducted a test on the suspicious-looking white powdery substance found in Hester’s purse. The test revealed that the substance in question was indeed cocaine. According to NBC, the bag of cocaine discovered on Christina weighed nearly half a gram.

It is currently unclear if the Florida woman had come to pick up her child or children from the school, or was just there by chance or some other reason.

Police arrest woman for drug possession

Christina was arrested by the Lee County police on charges of felony cocaine possession and the possession of drug paraphernalia, which can be counted as a misdemeanor.

The police set her bail bond at $6,500. However, Christina was released soon after her bond was posted.

Irresponsible act shocks Fort Myers school kids’ parents

The students - as well as the parents of the Lexington Middle school children - were shocked by the events and arrest. One of the parents Katie, stated that what the woman did was utterly irresponsible as she did not take into account the risk she was posing to other people’s lives, especially kids who were coming out of the school premises.

"It's crazy. People come to school to learn and not to see people doing drugs in their cars. Like, why would anyone do that? Especially when there's kids of all ages here," 13-year-old Sara Millican said to Fox4Now.